Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Students,

It's a time to raise our hearts in gratitude to god ane all those who have made it possible to happen in our life. It is a time to take stalk of the existence of our lives.

The objective of educational institutions is to identify, develop and promote the innate qualities of an individual who will become a useful citizen for his society and his country. Our school Mother Teresa has always been following this principal and we are proud to have developed a few thousands global citizens who work in various parts of our planets, earth. We gratefully acknowledge the services of our staff during these years.

The co-operation and guidance rendered by our management during these yeas are unparallel. Our past is our strength, our present is our courage and future is our hope. We will strive to develop further and ensure that every student is equipped with the necessary life skills to live in the generations. I consider it my privilege to be the head of this institution during these years. We extend our sincere thanks to all our parents, well wishers and patrons on this special occasion and promise fora better future. May you live long to inspire millions of other to sow the seeds of service and brotherhood for anther thousand year.